Takena Technologies -

Making is our passion, engineering is our expertise.

From startup to Fortune 500, we are committed to making sure our customers get the best cost effective solution as quickly as possible.   Takena Tech collaborates closely with our partners to make sure that you and your customers are happy with the products we deliver.


Our services
Every product starts with an idea and our goal is to deliver your product with the look, feel and performance that lives up to that promise. 

50+ years of collective industry experience allows the highly-experienced team at Takena Technologies to help bring a wide variety of our partner’s products to production.  Past projects have included handheld systems, wearables, IoT devices and a variety of software applications in web, mobile and enterprise markets. 

What we do

We can provide hardware and software engineering, including architecture definition, detailed design, prototype development, as well as project management.  Our team has the experience to take your product idea from concept through small and medium volume production.


Give us a call
Takena Tech is available for involvement early in the design process, to pinch hit on a troubling design issue, to work as a member of your design team or we can take the project from startup to scale and deliver your finished product on time and within budget.  We look forward to discussing your next project.


David Roberts                                                   Greg Peek

503-389-0846                                                     503-389-0080

david@takenatech.com                                     greg@takenatech.com




Our areas of expertise

Hardware engineering

•         Board design, layout & schematics

•         BOM development 

•         Component sourcing

•         Prototype build and debug

•         Performance test and tuning


Software engineering

•         Requirement definition

•         UX storyboarding & UI wireframes and design

•         Web, mobile and enterprise application and backend development

•         Test, Launch & Deploy to Production



Embedded / Firmware Development

•         Firmware design & prototyping

•         Production firmware development

•         Test & Debug

•         Deployment & Updating



Project / Product / Engineering development & management

•         Product concept development

•         Technology risk management

•         DFM analysis

•         RFQ preparation

•         Agile team development

•         Iterative design review

•         Product lifecycle management & cost reduction

•         Schedule negotiation & acceleration

•         Supplier Management

•         Certification coordination (FCC, UL & IP Code)


•         Contract manufacturing management